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Rocket Lawyer Supports Modest Needs at Press Club SF

photo 1An automotive technician named Paul came to the charity, Modest Needs, last year after a disability forced him out of full-time employment, causing him to face eviction from his home. As Paul’s health had deteriorated, his wife Dawn left her job as an in-home caregiver to care for him. Shortly thereafter, Paul welcomed his recently-widowed mother into their home.

With the household income suddenly cut in half and the extra expenses involved in caring for his elderly mother, Paul struggled to make ends meet, and nearly lost his home – but he didn’t, thanks to the generosity of people across the United States who rushed to help him after learning about his story via

Modest Needs is a charity that empowers the general public to make small, emergency grants to low-income workers — such as Paul — who are at risk of slipping into poverty. Through the use of online crowdfunding technology, the organization promotes the idea that any individual can make a huge impact in a neighbor’s life by giving as little as $10 or $15 at a time. All of this is to help bridge the gap that exists in the social service “safety nets” of the U.S., which leaves low income but generally self-sufficient individuals and families without access to small amounts of one-time, emergency assistance.

To help support Modest Needs and its mission, Project Rocket Lawyer recently organized a “Drink for Charity” event at Press Club in downtown San Francisco where a portion of all drink sales went directly to the charity. Dozens of Rocket Lawyer employees and their friends attended to show their support.

photo 2

Rocket Lawyer “Drink for Charity” event at Press Club SF.

“We’re thrilled with the turnout. Everyone made a real effort to show up for a great cause,” said Sasha Volkov, a Product Marketing Manager at Rocket Lawyer, and chief organizer of the event.

Project Rocket Lawyer is an employee group dedicated to helping our surrounding community. Its ongoing mission is to generate positive and notable change around the Bay Area, one event at a time. In February, Project Rocket Lawyer set its sights on the San Francisco and Marin Food Bank, where volunteers helped to bag and box more than 2,500 pounds of oatmeal to feed families in need throughout San Francisco.

Here at Rocket Lawyer, we are always looking for cool new ways to give back. If you have any ideas, let us know!

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