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Rocket Lawyer Round Up

Welcome to the Rocket Lawyer Round Up, a weekly post where we’ll look at Rocket Lawyer in the news, as well Rocket Lawyer’s take on the news. Last week, our founder was featured in the LA Times, and in our blogs, we covered Arnold’s love child, Tennessee’s Anti-Discrimination Law, and Disney’s attempt to snatch the trademark on “SEAL Team Six.”>

For start-ups, hiring a lawyer is often optional (Los Angeles Times)

Karen E. Klein interviewed Rocket Lawyer founder and chairman Charley Moore to find out when an entrepreneur really needs to consult with an attorney.


SEX! SCANDAL! OUTRAGE! Arnold Swarzenegger and the Legality of Tabloid Journalism

Inspired by the hullabaloo surrounding Swarzenegger’s decade-long affair, we took a look at how tabloids get their news. Find out what’s legal and what isn’t, and why it’s so tough for law enforcement to staunch the flow of classified information.


Tennessee Anti-Discrimination Law Backfires with Gay Rights Groups

On Tuesday, we covered an anti-discrimination law that actually made it easier to discriminate against the GLBT community.



Loughner Declared Mentally Incompetent to Stand Trial

“What does it mean to be incompetent to stand trial?” It’s not about your beliefs but your ability to actually understand what’s going on in court. In other words, being found mentally incompetent to stand trial doesn’t mean Loughner was found insane or not guilty on a technicality; it simply means that he’s unable to assist in his own defense.


Disney Defeated by SEAL Team Six

While technically legal, Disney’s attempt to secure the trademark for “SEAL Team Six” just a week after Osama bin Laden’s killing was also in very bad taste. We found out why a company that owns the Little Mermaid wanted the rights to an elite fighting force and if they succeeded in securing it.


Help on Traveling Abroad

From everything to applying for a U.S. Passport to learning how embassies can help you, we wrote more than a dozen help articles on the legal issues associated with international travel. Within, you’ll find forms and documents you’ll need as well as government programs that can help you travel safer and smarter.

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