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Rocket Lawyer Round Up

Welcome to another edition of the Rocket Lawyer Round Up, where we studiously compile the recent happenings in the world of Rocket Lawyer. Here’s what we’ve been writing about lately:

Game On: Supreme Court Rejects Ban on Sale of Violent Video Games

The Supreme Court ended their October 2010 term by striking down a California law that sought to fine retailers who rented or sold violent video games to minors. In addition to another victory for First Amendment advocates, this was the first time the SCOTUS recognized the free speech merits of video games.

Class Action & Free Speech Dominate Supreme Court Term

We took a look back at the abovementioned Supreme Court term, focusing on precedents set in class action and free speech issues. The take aways? It’s getting much more difficult to both form a class and litigate as one; nearly all speech remains protected, regardless of its obscenity or unpopularity.

Is California’s “Amazon Tax”┬áConstitutional? has an affiliate program which pays bloggers and other online sites a 15% kickbacks when the traffic they send to the online book seller results in a sale. When California’s online sales tax was signed into law, Amazon decided the effect on that program would be detrimental and pulled the plug. They have done so in at least six states already and show no sign of slowing down.

DSK Goes Free — Maid’s Credibility in Question

The saga of Dominique Strauss-Kahn took a sharp turn last Friday, as some of his accuser’s claims were found to be dubious or patently untrue. We look at what those were and how it changes the case.


Zynga Enters IPOville; Valued at $20 Billion

No longer simply the scourge of your Facebook feed, Zynga filed for an IPO last week. And despite claims of intellectual property theft and questionable advertising practices, the company could be valued at $20 billion.


Sociable Lawyer Meet Up: We Came, We Met, We Connected

Sociable Lawyer headed down to Anaheim for the California Solo and Small Firm Summit. The idea? To bring the old fashioned face-to-face meet up back to a world that’s becoming more and more digital. And also, as the picture to the left attest, to give away a fancy iPad.


Lawyers and Law Firms on Facebook, Oh My!

Sociable Lawyer also took a gander at the many ways attorneys utilize Facebook. Whether its posting a picture of a baby or sharing their documents online, there are plenty of ways to use the world’s biggest social media site. Check out a few.


When a Dog is Not a Pet: Service Animals and Your Business

The title says it all. When you’re dealing with a service animal, your “No Pets Allowed” sign is no longer valid. Find out how to spot a service animal and your legal obligations as a business owner.


Break Out the Sparklers! 4th of July Legal and Safety Tips

Nothing brings out your inner child like a slew of patriotic fireworks. But, like everything else, there are legal implications. You know, besides “don’t shoot them at your friends.”


Legally Easy Blog Wins Apex Award of Excellence

The first five posts on our round up today are from our news blog, Legally Easy. In addition to Google news syndication, we’ve just won an Apex Award for Excellence.

Yeah, we’re bragging a little.

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