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Rocket Lawyer Round Up

Welcome back to the Rocket Lawyer Round Up, the weekly post where we look back on Rocket Lawyer in the news and on the news.

Wal-Mart Sex Discrimination Case Thrown Out of Court

The largest employment discrimination case in America history ended last week when the Supreme Court decided that 1.5 million women weren’t definable as a class. In conjunction with the AT&T v. Conception case earlier this year, it’s been a bad term for class action plaintiffs.


Warner Bros. Settles Tyson Tattoo Case Over Hangover II

Sometimes, tattooing a guy’s face can be worth a lot of money. Warner Brothers settled out of court with a Missouri tattoo artist who’d copyrighted the design on Mike Tyson’s head.


FTC to Subpoena Google? A Brief History of Antitrust Law

Since publishing this post, the Federal Trade Commission did indeed subpoena Google as part of an antitrust probe. But we spent more of our time looking at the history of anti-competition laws, from the Roman Empire to Standard Oil to Microsoft.


Is the Protect IP Act the Wrong Way to Fight Piracy?

Everybody acknowledges that online piracy is a serious issue. What no one seems able to agree on is how to deal with it. Big media wants significant crack downs while the tech sector is tentative about overreach.


If at First You Don’t Succeed: Winklevoss Twins Sue Facebook Again

America’s most famous rowing twins are back at it again, this time suing Facebook for failure to disclose crucial information during a settlement that ended their first lawsuit. And all this after they dropped another lawsuit about that settlement just days before. It’s confusing, but we spell it out in detail.


Piracy & Tattoos: The Ever-Changing Landscape of Copyright Law

The week, we introduced a new co-host on our podcast. Eva and Charley discussed the news of the week, with special focus on our two copyright stories.


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