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Rocket Lawyer Round Up

Welcome to our weekly round up, the post in which we pause to recap Rocket Lawyer in the news, on the news, and everything in between.

Groupon’s Leonsis Seen by Governance Experts as Having Potential Conflict

Bloomberg News asked Rocket Lawyer founder Charley Moore for his thoughts on Ted Leonsis holding board positions with both Groupon and its main competitor, LivingSocial. Later in the week, Charley joined Bloomberg West live on air to give some additional thoughts.


Social Media: Why “Private” Isn’t Private

In a day and age where our grandparents are getting Twitter accounts, we took a look at the legal issues surrounding social media. What we found out is that if you don’t want it used in court, don’t post it online.


Apple Sued for Trademark Infringement. Again.

Apple’s “long and winding road” of trademark disputes began with the Beatles. It continued last week as a small web telephone company sued Apple for infringing on their existing trademark. That company’s name? iCloud.


Pro-Life Billboard Ignites Controversy in New Mexico

The quaint town of Alamogordo is the nexus of a bizarre battle over privacy and 1st Amendment rights. It all revolves around one man’s billboard message that even his lawyer is calling “distasteful and offensive.”


Congressman’s Resignation Ends Weinergate. For Now.

After three weeks of turmoil, flip-flopping, and coming clean, Anthony Weiner quit the house last Friday. We looked at the likelihood of his ethics charge succeeding and the disturbing revelation that he personally messaged minors.


Legally Easy Podcast – Facebook, Twitter, and the Laws of Social Media

We dug even deeper into social media law with the help of Bradley Shear, a lawyer, legal blogger, and expert on the subject. His four word message? “Don’t be a Weiner.” An Anthony Weiner, that is.


Flag Day: Do’s and Don’ts for Flying the Red White and Blue

Did you know you can only fly your flag at night if its illuminated? We celebrated Flag Day by looking at the history of Stars and Stripes and the Senate Flag Code.


5 Legal Pointers to Keep Your Employees (and You) Happy

Sure, you can give away tickets to Giants games or let everyone off at 2 o’clock on Fridays, but that’ll only get you so far. Learn about some policies that will increase employee happiness and insulate you from legal mischief.


Immigration Legal Help Articles

We’ve been updating our immigration help section for a week now and are excited to roll out some new articles. Looking to adopt overseas? Dealing with deportation? Questions about a green card? Head over to our help section and find the answers you need.


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