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Rocket Lawyer Round Up

It’s that time again, gang. Let’s look at Rocket Lawyer on the news and Rocket Lawyer in the news. This week, we covered a law student who couldn’t get a job, so she sued her law school, the death of the world’s richest dog, another harsh immigration law, and the U.N.’s declaration that Internet Access is a fundamental right. We also examined Weinergate in print and on our podcast with the help of a law professor from the Ohio State University.

Past that, we looked at whether lawyers should bother with Twitter at all and gave you some tips on how best to prepare for your summer travels. We also found ourselves in Smart Money.

It was a busy week.
The Missing Link in Your Estate Plan

In a piece about writing a “letter of final instruction,” Smart Money cites the survey we took earlier this year. The letter they refer to isn’t a legally binding document, but its great advice to heed when you’re prepping your estate plan.


No Job For Law School Grad…So She Sues Her Law School

Anna Alaburda, a Thomas Jefferson School of Law graduate who couldn’t get work as a lawyer. So she formed a class with thousands of other alums and is suing for the return of her tuition and loans. We cover a possible precedent, where California Culinary Academy could be on the hook for tens of millions.

Life, Liberty and the Internet?

Earlier this month, the United Nations called Internet access an “essential right” and claimed curbing it suffocates freedom of expression. We also look at an interesting legal idea forming in Europe, the so-called “right to be forgotten,” which would allow users to remove incriminating information from the web.

Weinergate: Sure, It’s a Scandal, But Is It Illegal?

We’re sure you know the story of Anthony Weiner, the New York Congressman caught sending lewd tweets across the wild, wild web. From what we know so far, it seems that the legal case against Representative Weiner is a little shaky. But the House Ethics Committee will have the last say.

Who Gets Trouble’s Fortune? World’s Richest Dog Dies

Leona Helmsely famously left her Maltese (Trouble) $12 million in her will. Last week, Trouble passed away. We check out how much money the pooch actually received, what she did with it, and where it ends up now.


Will Alabama’s New Immigration Law Stand? Or Will Businesses Stand In Its Way?

Another week, another harsh immigration law signed into office. Alabama’s measure is actually more strict than Arizona’s oft-maligned statute. If Alabama is anything like Utah, Georgia, or the aforementioned Arizona, look for businesses to raise a stink about what the law does to their bottom line.

Legally East Episode 28 – The Curious Case of Anthony Weiner

Intrigued by yet another political scandal, we decided to call up an expert and discuss the law. Douglas Berman of the Moritz College of Law. He agreed that there’s not a whole lot the House can charge the New York Congressman with and gives us some background on sexting law.


Travel like a Pro! Five Legal Tips for Your Overseas Vacation

Whether it’s getting your passport in order, contacting the state department, or checking on your Visa, we’ve got you covered. Take the time to sort through possible problems before you leave so your trip can be all the more enjoyable.


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