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Rocket Lawyer Round Up

Welcome back to the Rocket Lawyer Round Up, the only place on the Internet where a $36,000 cat shares real estate with Dr. Kevorkian’s legal legacy. As usual, we’re sharing the news of the past week, what we wrote and who wrote about us. Our eclectic mix is rounded out by a look at a recent Supreme Court immigration ruling, a nice blurb from Network Solutions, and yet another reason you shouldn’t steal a laptop.

And, of course, Kindergarten Cop.

Maria Valdez Haubrich wrote about how Rocket Lawyer can help small businesses with their legal issues. Those times when you might not need a lawyer, we can help. And the times that you do? We can help with that too.

Man Seeks to Renegotiate Divorce Due to Maddoff Fallout>Man Seeks to Renegotiate Divorce Due to Maddoff Fallout

When Steven Simkin and Laura Blank divorced in 2006, Mr. Simkin kept his half of the settlement in Bernie Madoff’s notoriously worthless fund. Now that the Ponzi scheme’s been discovered, he’s asking his ex for a new settlement. If he succeeds, decades of precedent will be upturned.

Illegal Immigration Crackdowns Target Employers

It seems like the immigration debate changes every week, but we’re staying on top of it. Here, we discuss a recent Supreme Court decision that allows the state of Arizona to suspend the licenses of businesses who employ illegal immigrants. We’ll probably see other states follow suit.

To Catch a Criminal — Stolen Laptop Edition

If you’ve got a newer model laptop, it probably has a little camera above the monitor. Sure, it’s fun taking self-portraits, but thanks to programs like Hidden, it’s also good for catching thieves. Read the story of an Oakland man who took evidence gathering into his own hands.

The Case of Pumkin, the $36,000 Cat

For many of us, pets are another member of the family. But legally, they’re sometimes viewed simply as property. Here, the story of a cat who shot by a pellet gun, repaired by $36,000 of surgery, and whose owner is hoping to recoup the entire cost.

Jack Kevorkian, aka Dr. Death, Dies at 83

Kevorkian was a constant source of headlines in the 1990’s, pushing the discussion of assisted suicide into newspapers and courtrooms. When he died last Friday, we looked at his life, his work, and his legal legacy.

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