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Register to Vote: Do I Need to Register Before Election Day?

A few weeks ago, California became the second state in the U.S. (Oregon being the first) to pass legislation that would automatically register citizens to vote when they receive, or even renew, their driver’s licenses or state IDs. This comes at a time when a startling majority of citizens aren’t even registered to vote. So will cutting out the registration step actually encourage now newly registered voters to head to the polls and vote? That’s still unclear.

If you don’t live in California or Oregon, you should be aware of the voter registration deadlines with the 2016 presidential race underway so you can have your voice heard this time next year!

Not registered yet? Here’s a breakdown of some general FAQs for voter registration:

Do I have to register before Election Day?

That depends on your state. For the most part, you must register before Election Day if you want to vote. Here is a complete list of registration deadlines by state.

Are there states that allow you to register on Election Day?

Yes. Some states, like Maine and Minnesota, allow you to register on Election Day. However, there may be some stipulations. Check out the details for your state here.

Are there any states that don’t require any voter registration to vote?

Yes! North Dakota doesn’t require you to register at all.

When do most states close the registration period?

Of course, it all depends on your state (click here for the full list) but generally, registration periods close 30 days before the election is held.

Are you ready to have your voice heard in the next election?

Some states allow you to register directly online. Or you can simply complete and send in the National Mail Voter Registration Form, if your state doesn’t allow for online submissions.

Whichever method you decide to use, we’re just glad that you’re registered to vote and helping move the wheels of democracy!

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