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Are You Ready to Pop the (Prenup) Question? The Legal Side of the Holidays

EngagementThe holiday season, at its heart, is all about family. Just as every family has their own holiday traditions, they each have their own particular legal needs, whether they know it or not.  However, there are some basic things every family should know about protecting themselves legally. In our new series on The Legal Side of the Holidays, we’ll be covering all the issues that families face during the winter holidays, starting with engagements.

Are you Ready to Pop the (Prenup) Question?

The holiday season is the most popular time of year for couples to pop the question, with 19% of all engagements happening in December alone. When happy couples start planning the more romantic aspects of their lives together, they should also pay attention to the more pragmatic details, since marriage is also a business relationship: you’re combining your assets, housing, even taxes, with your spouse. To make sure the business side of the relationship is as stable as the romantic side, talk to your partner about getting a Prenuptial Agreement.

A Prenuptial agreement is not just to plan for the possibility of divorce, as many people assume. Like any contract, a Prenuptial Agreement sets out the expectations of both sides, especially with regard to how financial matters will be handled during (and potentially after) the marriage, and helps couples avoid court-imposed agreements. Couples can use a Prenup to agree on the division of assets and property rights, their saving and spending styles, and even the lifestyle in which they’ll raise their children.

Prenuptial agreements are important now more than ever: as more and more people wait longer to get married, or come into relationships from previous marriages, they bring their personal assets, property, and even children with them. Talk to your significant other about getting a Prenuptial Agreement, ideally before the engagement, so you can each lay all your financial cards on the table.

For more information on Prenuptial Agreements, read Asking Your Spouse for a Prenup or watch our video, Does a Prenuptial Agreement Take the Romance Out of Marriage?

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