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Paycheck Deductions: Where’s Your Money Going?

If you’re like most people, you probably spend about two seconds looking at your paystub, and at one number: your net pay (the amount of your check). But do you know what all those deductions are for? And if not, how can you know that it’s all correct? Well, this week you have a reason to give it a second look. It’s National Payroll Week, established by the American Payroll Association to celebrate workers like you, the company that employs you, the people who manage your payroll, and how you contribute to government programs such as social security, Medicare, labor laws and child support.

Since it’s common to overlook or not understand the deductions on your paycheck every pay period, check out this infographic by Paycor Payroll Software. It could help you understand where your money is going at the end of each pay period.

If you’re an employer, it’s smart to help educate your employees about payroll deductions. After all, they earned it!

Payroll and Tax Deductions Infographic

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