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7 business lessons we learned from The Blacklist

business lessons by the blacklist

Primetime T.V. Shows are back, and The Blacklist is one of our favorites. To celebrate the beginning of a new season, we shared Red Reddington’s business lessons we’ve learned.

Landlord and tenant responsibilities

landlord responsibilities

Understanding landlord responsibilities and legal duties can help make sure you avoid legal issues that may arise in the future, with your property or your tenants.

Renting on AirBnB? Vacation rental agreement

vacation rental agreement

Renting out your vacation home has become popular thanks to sites like AirBnb, but are you doing everything you can to protect your property? You need a vacation rental agreement to make sure things are clear between you and your guests.

The legal plan consultation: tips for meeting expectations

legal plan consultation

For many legal plan members, their attorney consultation is the first time they have discussed a legal matter with a lawyer. Our head of attorney services shared tips to work your legal plan consultation and meet your customer expectations.

5 traits tech startups should look for in their first GC

traits tech startups should look for in their first general council

Our GC Alon Rotem writes about the top 5 traits that startups should look for in their first general council and tips to find the right one.

Landlords: Should you consider incorporating?

benefits of incorporation for landlords

As a landlord you’re running a business, have you consider giving some formality to this venture? Take a look at our incorporation for landlords guide and learn how to do it and what benefits this will bring.

10 facts about Labor Day

labor day facts

Labor Day celebrates our workers and we wanted to commemorate this date with these 10 facts about the origin of this holiday. Our workers drive America’s economy and embody the work ethic and will to create the best future possible, so here’s to you; Happy Labor Day!

Tips for being a great landlord

how to be a great landlord

We have met amazing landlords and a few not-so-great-ones, we are sharing some tips for renters and owners and how to be a great landlord, keep your tenants happy and have a great business.

Make a Will Month: How modern technology is changing estate planning

technology for estate planning

Technology provides us with the opportunity to enhance the inherently personal and high-stakes process that is estate planning we partnered with SafeBeyond for this post.

Estate planning do’s and don’ts

estate planning best practices

When you’re thinking about estate planning, there are some things to consider, this post by Seniorly will cover best practices and things to avoid when planning your estate, so that you can start on the right path toward a peaceful retirement.

Benefits to having a will

benefits to having a will

There are countless benefits to having a will, from taking care of your loved ones to making sure that your wishes are respected, Amanda Gordon, Esq. shared her top benefits of planning your estate.

What kind of estate planning do you need?

types of estate planning ()

Our goal during Make, a Will Month, is to help you understand and find the best option for estate planning, this guide will give you some insight on the different types of estate planning.