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how business credit works
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legal to-do list for expecting parents

How Do Primaries Work?

How Do Primaries Work

In case you don’t own a television, it’s an election year. Conversely, if you happen to own a television, and reside in a swing state, then let me express my […]

Tax Tips for Newlyweds

Tax Tips for Newlyweds

If you got married last year, you might have a lot to learn when it comes to filing taxes this April. Before the tax deadline sneaks up on you, sit […]

Member Spotlight: Michelle, SF Landlord

Michelle San Francisco Landlord

Michelle Landlord San Francisco, CA Member for 2 years Services used: HIPAA Authorization Form, Healthcare Power of Attorney, Living Trust, Home Rental Agreement, Rental Application, Activity Release of Liability, Quit […]

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4 Tips for First-Time Tax Filers

Tax Tips for First-Time Filers

Are you filing taxes for the first time this year? The tax deadline is more than a month away, so there’s still plenty of time to get up to speed […]

Live from ABA TECHSHOW 2016

Live from ABA TECHSHOW 2016

The 30th Annual ABA TECHSHOW is underway in Chicago, representing the intersection of law and technology. ABA TECHSHOW is put on by ABA Law Practice Division with over 2,000 attendees, […]

Document Defense® in 60 Seconds

Rocket Lawyer Document Defense

Ever wondered just how Document Defense® works? You’re in luck: We’ve just released this cool, minute-long animation explaining how Document Defense helps keep you safe when things don’t go the […]

5 Things Every Small Business Owner Needs to Know About Taxes

5 Things Small Business Owners Need to Know about Taxes

Running a business is challenging, and business owners often have to wear many hats. And although it’s human nature to put off the most difficult tasks—that would be a huge […]

What It Takes to Become President

What It Takes to Become President

What does it take to become the President of the United States? Folklore praises Washington’s honesty, Kennedy’s youth and passion inspired a new generation of voters, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s […]

Member Spotlight: Go Nimbly

Go Nimbly - Rocket Lawyer Customer

Go Nimbly San Francisco, CA Member for 2 years Services used: LLC Operating Agreement, Consulting Agreement, Ask a Lawyer Several years ago, Go Nimbly co-founders Jason and Troy worked for a large […]

Help Us Make the Law Accessible for Everyone

ABA Techshow Access to Justice Night

Access to justice is a major problem in the United States. All around the country, millions of people are unable to get help for their legal issues because our legal […]

Four Things New Parents Need to Know about Taxes

Four Things New Parents Need to Know about Taxes

Preparing for a new baby can be exciting, stressful, and somewhat terrifying. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the onslaught of advice that comes with having a newborn. That’s why […]

Join Rocket Lawyer for Cocktails & Comedy at ABA TECHSHOW

Cocktails and Comedy ABA TECHSHOW

For legal nerds like us, the annual ABA TECHSHOW is a dream come true—a place where lawyers, legal professionals, and technology all come together for one great event. This year’s […]