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No Charisma? No Focus? No Problem! — This Week in Small Business

We know, we know. The title of this piece feels like some sort of mutated Tony Robbins seminar or one of those bogus emails that weasels its way past your spam filters. But two of our favorite business stories this week were about using a lack of focus as an asset and learning about charisma from a 24 year-old science nerd.

Here’s what we enjoyed this week:

How Personal Magnetism Can Help (Or Hurt) You at Work

Though we’re all taught that charisma is an innate gift, author Olivia Fox Cabane scoffs at the idea. In her mind it’s a social skill, one that can learned and utilized, and one that changed her life for the better. In a short and fascinating interview she explains the four kinds of charisma, the most charismatic presidents, and how it’s all, in the end, just Jedi mind tricks.

The Cloud Will Generate 14 Million Jobs by 2015

We here at Rocket Lawyer are big believers in cloud technology. We store documents in the cloud, believe lawyers work better in the cloud, and live in San Francisco, where there are clouds above our heads 330 days a year. While it’s fairly obvious some of these 14 million new jobs would be in the IT realm, positions in sales, marketing, and finance should appear as well. Guessing at tech trends is a notoriously sticky wicket, but with the way cloud computing has blossomed in the last decade, we’re hoping this guess is right on the money.

How to Capitalize on Your Lack of Focus

The other half of our self-help title, this piece from a pair of successful (and admittedly unfocused) entrepreneurs looks at how they’ve flipped what most people see as a negative into a positive. Even if you’re one of those highly focused business types, there are a few great strategies in here for any business. And if you’re unfocused, don’t worry: it’s only about 500 words.

Small Business Tax Cut? 

Both the House and the Senate passing the JOBS Act earlier this week with resounding bipartisan support. Shocking, we know. And it seems like Republicans and Democrats both want to give a tax holiday to small businesses in the upcoming months. The problem? They can’t decide exactly how they’re going to pull it off. Both sides are squabbling, touting the superiority of their plan, and, well, there goes that feeling of bipartisan unity. Still, we’re thinking this gets pulled off. It’s an election year, after all.

How To Make a How To Video

Now that video cameras are cheaper and nicer than ever (or even on the back of our phones), making a How To Video for your small business is within almost everyone’s reach. But if you just jump right in, you might end up with something that has that shaky-cam Blair Witch vibe. Nobody wants that. So check out this brief guide on the best practices for making your own How To video and get your own up and running. After all, who hasn’t wanted to try their hand at acting?

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