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Are You (Legally) Healthy? New Legal Plans Announced

Now there’s a new way to take care of your everyday legal needs — proactively!  We are excited to announce new and improved Rocket Lawyer plans that allow members to take a preventative approach to managing and maintaining legal wellness.  Combining a new Legal Health ScoreTM with simple guidance, interview-driven legal documents, a legal calendar, finishing tools and a nationwide attorney network, businesses and individuals now have a complete solution for managing the legal issues that everyone faces over a lifetime.

Legal Health ScoreTM

The new Legal Health Score helps members understand their legal situation and how it compares to best practices for optimal legal health. When a member’s legal wellness is low, Rocket Lawyer will create a personalized legal plan with step by step guidance to improve the Legal Health Score.

The new Legal Health Score

Next Steps

Many legal projects have multiple steps, from incorporating a business to changing your name.  Now Rocket Lawyer members get an interactive calendar to keep track of those next steps.

Legal Next Steps (click to enlarge)

Rocket Lawyer is Even Easier to Use

When you log in to Rocket Lawyer, you’ll notice a new design — but it’s not just for looks! In addition to adding new features to manage your legal health, we’ve streamlined and improved the account interface, so it’s even easier to create legal documents, collect e-Signatures, share, download and print, and find a lawyer when needed.

Rocket Lawyer Dashboard (click to enlarge)

Why not try it for yourself?  Get your legal health score and more — simply register for free at

To read more about the new Rocket Lawyer plans and tools to stay legally healthy, please see our press release.

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