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New Attorney Task Board Streamlines Legal Advice Experience

Technology. It’s kind of a big deal these days. From banking to shopping to the endless proliferation of new apps, technology increasingly is penetrating our everyday lives. Even the legal industry, which has long-resisted technology’s embrace, is facing a new wave of online, cloud and paperless technologies that is reshaping the legal future. One thing is for sure — attorneys who fail to implement these tools risk being left behind.

Rocket Lawyer was founded on the principle that everyone deserves simple and affordable access the law, and we work hard everyday to deliver technology products to make this a reality. Through our incorporation services, legal documents and legal Q&A, Rocket Lawyer already has made the law more accessible for over 20 million users and created new revenue streams for attorneys by expanding the legal market.

But many lawyers might find it difficult to make the transition to a technological future. This is where we come in. For attorneys in our On Call® network, we strive to make this transition as seamless as possible.

One such example of how we are making life easier for attorneys is the Attorney Task Board, which we officially launched today at the ABA Techshow 2014 in Chicago. This cloud-based client services tool puts potential clients at attorneys’ fingertips by allowing them to easily respond to customers’ legal questions. Customers can ask legal questions on Rocket Lawyer through their computers or mobile devices, offering attorneys the opportunity to enhance their practices as they connect with potential clients.

The new tool manages a lawyer’s tasks into three working groups — new, working and completed — to organize the questions and interactions with potential clients. It also prioritizes legal questions by time remaining to answer a question, so that customers get timely responses to their urgent matters. Questions are limited to 600 characters, and responses are confined to 1,200 characters to simplify the interaction. The experience is easy for customers and convenient for attorneys.

“Being a part of the Rocket Lawyer On Call program has been great for promoting my firm. On Call made it easy and cost effective for me to meet new clients and be hired by them,” said Galen Hair, a Louisiana attorney at Varadi, Hair & Checki LLC and Rocket Lawyer On Call attorney.

The Rocket Lawyer On Call network consists of 500 (and the number is growing) attorneys nationwide who answer thousands of legal questions per month. Questions involve everything from contracts to employment to starting a business to family issues, and more.

Attorneys interested in learning more about the On-Call Network are invited to stop by the Rocket Lawyer booth (#807) at the ABA Tech Conference, or visit:


Rocket Lawyer will be hosting a 2 hour event from 8-10 pm in the Normandy Lounge at the Chicago Hilton. There will be professional comedy, lots of laughs, and drinks and dessert will be provided at no cost.

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  1. Alain Delerm says:

    I totally agree that attorneys need to keep up with technological advancements if they wish to be up to date and find more clients. Besides, I believe they shoud use IOS devices since they offer a stable and a very accessible system, along with the largest number of applications.