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national boss day

Happy National Boss Day!

Today is National Boss Day and all across the United States; employees are showing their bosses appreciation and thanks for everything they have done for them and the company throughout the year. A great boss can make all the difference between a terrible work environment and one that their employees love coming to every day. They care about getting results, but they also care about supporting their employees. Today we are talking about a few things a boss can do to be a great leader.

Lead by example – Your core values say a lot about your mission and how well you relate to the public and your employees. As a boss, you should not just preach what is expected of your employees but also abide by them as well.  The best way to make sure that everyone is familiar with the expectations of the organization you can create an employee handbook. Most employee handbooks provide information about benefits, workplace expectations, and other policies but adding in your core values can personalize what your business is all about. .Your values are an opportunity to define your company’s mission for current and prospective employees and can provide a measuring stick to keep you focused on upholding that mission.

Communicate –  Create an environment where everyday employees are wanting to improve product, process, and procedure. Having open communication where employees can speak freely and honestly will create a space where addressing concerns becomes expected and required to help everyone achieve success.

Set expectations– An employee should know what is expected of them. By communicating and setting expectations of each employee will push them to hit their goals. Make sure that you are providing feedback to let them know where they are and how they can improve. You can provide in more detail what the expectations are of the employee in an employee contract.  This will also help both the employee and yourself know what is expected of each other.

Inspire – People imitate people, just like the learning style monkey see, monkey do. Your employees observe everything you do from your values, your work methods, and how you portray yourself. By showing others your passion for the company, others will start to join and bring their passion for the company out as well.

Keeps the team focused – A great boss is also a great leader. As a leader, they will guide their team towards obtaining the organization’s goals by keeping the team focused. Provide them with the resources they will need to accomplish their end goal.

Congratulate on the job well done! – Show praise to your employees. Call your employees out when something has been done successfully or when they show initiative. Most employees are not motivated by the money alone; some need to know that the job they are doing is making a difference.

Encourage growth –  Most people learn from experience. Consider having development opportunities to help employees to achieve the most from their positions. By encouraging growth, you will be able to retain positive and passionate employees and keep them engaged within the organization.

Be a mentor –  A great boss is not only a leader but also a mentor. Being a mentor means investing in the success of others.  A boss should be willing to help their employees find what their best skill sets are, help to fine tune them and motivate them to reach their goals.

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