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Marketing White Lies: Don’t Promise What You Can’t Deliver

Little white lies have long been a part of marketing. For decades, companies have promised customers the world: the best customer service, life-time warranties, fast food that looks and tastes mouthwateringly delicious, weight loss without changing your diet or the need for exercise, and more. Of course, brands are often unable to live up to these promises.

The Truth is Out There

But it’s become increasingly less acceptable to market little white lies to customers. After all, your brand’s reputation is arguably its most valuable asset. With the proliferation of review sites on the Internet, customers are able to make savvier choices about the companies they turn to for products and services. It’s now easy to compare similar products or services before making a purchase. As a result, the quickest and surest way to tank your business is to lose the trust and respect of your customers. And, as you can imagine, the easiest way to lose your customers trust and respect are those little white lies.

Successful companies recognize that marketing is necessary to spread the word about your product, but it’s a good reputation that will sustain the business for years to come. Sure little white lies can help you land a few initial clients/sales, but if you’re unable to live up to the high expectations you set for your business, those promises will eventually lead to bad reviews, negative word of mouth, and a tarnished reputation.

Walking the Talk 

After years of being burned by half truths and outright lies, many customers/clients have already developed a built-in distrust of marketing. For that reason, merely living up to the expectations you’ve set in your marketing will win you a lot of points with many customers. Customers/clients should, at a minimum, feel that the product or service you provided them was actually as good as what you promised them or better.

Even better, your company should aim to over-deliver on your promises. It’s not easy to over-deliver, but doing that can earn a brand enthusiastic customers, repeat business, good reviews, and a positive buzz. So do yourself a favor: ditch the little white lies. Setting expectations that you can’t actually achieve will only hurt your brand in the long run.

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