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Legal Lessons From Movies Set in Vegas

There’s no better way to prepare for a trip than to watch movies about your destination. As we get ready for SHRM15, we’ve been catching up on some of these old favorites set in Sin City. Hopefully the legal lessons within them will help to prepare you for your journey, as well.

Imagine if the boys of The Hangover had consulted with their lawyer. Their legal expert would’ve been able to provide his or her expertise in the situation and accelerate the search for their friend. But there’s a reason why real-life legal solutions (usually) don’t enter the silver screen: Movies would be much shorter with the credits rolling soon after a lawyer enters the picture… and yeah, they’d be pretty boring. That doesn’t mean we still can’t learn from them.

Here are a few more legal lessons from movies set in Vegas:

Ocean’s Eleven

Plot: Danny Ocean recruits eleven masterminds to rob three Las Vegas casinos. His plan hits a road bump when one of his accomplices reveals Ocean’s true intention in the heist–to win back his ex-wife.
Legal Lesson: A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) can help make sure your information remains confidential between you and the other party.

Viva Las Vegas

Plot: In order to compete in the Grand Prix Race, Lucky Jackson has to raise money for a new motor (engine), which leads him down a series of unlikely events.
Legal Lesson: A service contract can hold your mechanic responsible for a shoddy job.

Fools Rush In

Plot: New York architect, Alex, and free-spirited photographer, Isabel, meet in Vegas. After a surprise pregnancy, they have a shotgun wedding that ends in divorce and finally a re-marriage.

Legal Lesson: What happens in Vegas is better with a prenup, even if Elvis is a witness.

Honey, I Blew Up the Kid

Plot: While testing a new invention that causes objects to grow bigger, scientist Wayne Szalinski accidentally uses the contraption on his two-year-old son. His height reaches over 100 feet tall, leaving the city of Las Vegas under the threat of destruction.
Legal Lesson: A release of liability can help mitigate your legal risk in case your product goes haywire.

Have you spotted any legal lessons from your favorite movies? Share in the comments below!

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