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Lawline Offers Free Access To Their CLE Database

For many attorneys, the deadline for CLE compliance feels a bit like a late night cram session. For example, before my last deadline I found myself spending several evenings and lunch breaks cramming in as many pre-purchased courses that my firm had to offer. If you’re like me, you’d probably appreciate the value of an online CLE database. Enter If you aren’t familiar with them yet, Lawline is a company that has positioned itself to be the leading online CLE provider for U.S. attorneys. They offer courses in areas that include ADR, Family Law, Ethics, Real Estate, Business Law, Science & Technology Law, and many more.

The company has been around for awhile, doing quite well for itself (they’ve issued over a million paid CLE certificates to date), but recently turned heads when they announced that they would be opening up their entire database of CLE’s for free viewing. That’s right you can watch any full-length video in the Lawline’s CLE library for free. They host literally hundreds of CLE courses that can be sorted by state.

The catch? You have to pay if you want to receive credit for the course. Although that is a big catch if you are using the site solely for stocking up CLE credits, it’s no catch at all if you are using the site as a professional learning tool.

And e-learning is the crux of the move. “We are in the middle of an e-learning revolution,” says CEO David Schnurman. “With our new platform, will be at the forefront of it.” And the company had recently taken other steps in the direction of improving the free learning aspects of the site. Specifically, they’d not long ago broken their videos down into searchable mini-clips. These mini-clips are intended to answer short questions that attorneys, or the public, may have about various areas of the law.

Have you used Lawline? What do you think of their database? Are you more likely to use their site now that they offer free viewing of the CLEs? Let us know in the comments section.

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