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iPhone 4S: ‘4 Steve’ — Tech Titan Passes

It has been a bittersweet week for the family at Apple Inc., to say the least. On the heels of what should have been a watershed moment for recently minted CEO Tim Cook — the unveiling of the highly anticipated iPhone 4S — came an even more momentous announcement for the tech world: Steve Jobs, newly retired and former chief executive of Apple, had passed on.

An American entrepreneur and inventor through and through, Jobs co-founded Apple in 1976. The rest really is, as they say, history.  Under the business direction and marketing guise of Jobs, Apple successfully hit the crux where technology and humanity intersected.  In fact, Apple would go on to eventually become one of the most profitable businesses the world has ever seen. His brilliance transformed the digital experience; coupling aesthetics and design alongside unprecedented technological advancements to produce an end product that was something akin to ‘magic.’

Just a quick glance around your house or even your office hints at the massive influence Jobs held on the modern world. Perhaps you’re even reading this blog post on your iPad, a device launched by Jobs that would eventually have Fortune 500 companies clamoring for a piece of profit in the tablet market they didn’t even know they wanted to be a part of.  On that very same iPad, you may even watch such movies like ‘Toy Story’ or ‘Finding Nemo,’ blockbuster titles produced through Pixar while under the tutelage of Jobs, who was also at one point the largest single shareholder of The Walt Disney Company.

Whatever your connection to Jobs, whether it’s your iPhone, iPod, Macbook or iPad, it’s a fitting tribute to the tech titan to continue the process of invention on the very devices he created.  As a lawyer trying to navigate the waters of the web and its impact on the legal profession, you understand that you are only as good as the devices you operate on.  How many articles have you read about the ‘top ten apps for lawyers’ or how an iPad can enhance your virtual practice? These devices enable you to write that great post for your blog, to check your email on the go, or to even just listen to some music on a jog while unwinding from the stress of the day.

Please see our collection of posts below by lawyers paying tribute to the visionary and his ground-breaking Apple products.

Law Marketing Blog: Law Firm Marketing Lessons from Steve Jobs 

“This year more people will access the Web with a smart phone than with a computer, thanks to Steve Jobs’ ability to change ahead of the times. Lawyers should similarly look over the horizon and give clients today what they hope to have next year.”

Lawyerist: Steve Jobs 

“There is a lesson for lawyers in Steve Jobs’s success in business. We must also be uncompromising in service of our clients—our shared vision as lawyers. ”

Above The Law: Notes on the Passing of Steve Jobs 

“News of Jobs’s death hit me a lot harder than I expected it to (here’s the New York Times obituary). I started realizing I would be a very different person without Apple computers.  But this isn’t about me; this is a legal news website. As with everything else, Jobs and his company’s effect on the legal profession is anything but insignificant.”

The Attorney Marketing Center: Steve Jobs’ Greatest Marketing Lessons for Lawyers 

“Of course this is not, per se, a marketing lesson, nor is it confined to lawyers. But I believe that more than anyone, lawyers need to hear this message.  Lawyers are among the most risk adverse creatures on Earth. Protecting our clients from risk is one of our strengths. Paradoxically, it is also one of our weaknesses.”


  1. Matt says:

    The same thought occurred to me when I heard the news, Apple should be using this as their mantra through December. Is Apple Marketing department asleep at the wheel? Perhaps they’re just being sensitive right now.


    • Derrick Dominguez says:

      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. I agree that the marketing department at Apple is probably aiming to remain as sensitive as possible in respect to Jobs’ passing. Of course, there is no shortage of condolences; Apple stores across the nation have been adorned with mini tributes to Jobs’ legacy.