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Infographic: Small Business, Big Issues

Small business owners have big ideas and aren’t afraid to follow their dreams. Our recent Rocket Lawyer survey shows that some of the biggest rewards for starting a business include following a passion, financial opportunity, and being one’s own boss. But it’s not an easy path — small business owners commonly take on big challenges like legal issues, making a profit, and staying ahead of the competition and more.

Get the big picture in our infographic below. You can also view as a pdf.


  1. Ross says:

    Great graphic! There are so many issues small business owners are facing today. The legal system today presents huge barriers for aspiring business people, especially those that have to face potential patent (IP) issues.

  2. Narciso Cruz says:

    As an Immigration attorney in San Diego, building my business has also been an every-day challenge. However, it is the most fulfilling thing I can spend my time on, not to mention the satisfaction from helping people in my community who needs my services.

    • Everyday Law Staff says:

      Thanks for dropping by, Narciso! Owning a small business and being an attorney are both huge challenges. We love small businesses and wish for all the best to yours!

      If you’d like more information on expanding your business or just streamlining your documentation process: You can find a legal document for any of your business’s needs here: