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Infographic: 6 Great Alternatives to Unlimited Vacation - ThinkstockPhotos-177426108-d2-c.jpg

Infographic: 6 Great Alternatives to Unlimited Vacation

What do you consider a strong work-life balance? What types of benefits truly help alleviate stress from work? In preparation for SHRM15, we’ve been thinking a lot about the state of human resources and asking ourselves important questions like these.

With all the buzz surrounding unlimited vacation lately, we decided to flex our creative muscles and find some alternative benefits for companies that are unable to implement unlimited PTO. We know that many small businesses simply don’t have enough personnel to support this type of program, and larger companies have faced other roadblocks to implementation. That’s why we put together these six great ways to show your appreciation and still give your employees the gift of time:


Unlimited Vacation Alternatives - Legal Benefits

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