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HR Heads Round-up in Las Vegas - ThinkstockPhotos-491235994-c.jpg

HR heads round-up in Las Vegas

Just two weeks from now, industry leaders and human resources professionals will flock to the Party Capital of the World. The reason? For the SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition, of course!

The conference, held at the Vegas Convention Center, is still weeks away so in the meantime (or if you’re unable to attend this year), here’s a round-up of reads to keep your HR game strong:

Why your overtime expenses are about to skyrocket
This month, the Department of Labor is set to change wage caps. Will this affect your business? Perhaps. Find out why Charley Moore, Founder of Rocket Lawyer, says certain “benefits could disappear for some lower-earning salaried workers under the new paradigm.”

Guess what HR? You don’t “hire & fire”
Work in HR? Heard the phrase, “Oh. So you hire and fire” one too many times? Explore the comedy (and downright frustration) in answering the age-old question: “What does HR really do?”

Six trends in talent management you simply can’t ignore
You may have your HR to thank for your next quarter’s report. Why? A recent publication finds a link between people/talent management and a company’s financial performance.

Notorious: Why recruiters who ignore big data are ready to die
Big data is everywhere, and the folks in HR are discovering its integral (and effective) role in recruiting active and passive candidates.

Make every day ‘draft’ day and other HR lessons from daily fantasy sports
Whether you’re drafting players for Fantasy Sports teams or recruiting employees for companies, you want to build the strongest and most talented team. The rising popularity in Fantasy Sports lends some lessons for HR, talent, and recruiting strategies.

Ideas from Google any HR pro can try
OK, let’s face it. Google is everywhere, even in HR. Laszlo Bock, Google’s Head of People Operations, offers HR tips in his book Work Rules!

Employer brand and candidate experience: A mighty fine line
We use brand as a strategy to attract customers. But what if HR used that very same strategy to attract candidates? Learn how you can leverage your existing platforms to reach new talent.

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