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How to Use Social Media to Find More Clients for Your Law Practice

Social media sites are greatly underused by lawyers and attorneys, yet they represent tremendous potential to grow your practice.

Social media websites can work wonders for your law firm as you can get hundreds of organic backlinks from these sites. Search engines will consider these incoming links and rank your site higher in the search engine results pages, which will increase your online visibility. Greater visibility on the top of search engine results pages will bring in more customers for your firm.

Additionally, by joining into the social media conversation, you can establish yourself as an industry authority and gain visibility across a myriad of channels.

Here are a few social channels to improve your visibility:


You can use twitter to easily spread word about your latest events, attorney involvement, articles and connect with local and international media.

Video Marketing

Just a short video about any discussion on legal matter on YouTube can establish you as an expert. You can also get more  visitors to your website (remember to add your URL at the bottom of your video).  Videos should be short – no more than 3 minutes – and give law advice and tips that your prospective clients might find useful.  Do you get asked the same questions again and again?  Make a video of the answers!


You can explain your legal tips to large number of people using podcasts. For instance, if you are an exert in taxes, you should focus on topics concerning taxes and establish yourself as an expert. In this way, people can take them on their mobile phones, and by adding a link to your site, you can get wide exposure.

Event Networking

Look for and join relevant Meetups in your area. is a great resource for finding local meetups.  You should also post events on various event calendars available in your region. By posting meetups you will both gain visibility and generate links to your site.


Create a profile on LinkedIn and include recommendations from previous employers and clients. You should also become active contributor to its “Question & Answers” section. This can be a great source of leads.

Answer questions on Q&A sites

Q&A sites like and Yahoo Answers can help establish you as an industry expert.  Answer questions that people ask about your area of law.  Then you can link from your blog to your answers to promote these.  In turn, people will find your answers and if they find them valuable, will contact you for more information or link to your site.

By using these social media tips, and a little bit of SEO, you can rank for your firm’s keywords in the search engines, thus increasing your visibility and authority.

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