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Running an Etsy Shop: Marketing & Hiring Help

How to run an Etsy Shop: Marketing on Etsy & Hiring For Small Businesses

You launched your Etsy shop, and you’re ready to sell to millions, now it’s time to determine your marketing strategies and hire help.

Before starting a business of any kind, you must understand your competition as well as the market you will be selling within. Establishing a proper messaging and branding for your business is fundamental to succeed.

How to plan your marketing: define who’s your primary audience. That means figuring out who are those ideal customers, where are they and why they want to buy your product. Then create a unique value proposition that helps craft your message.

Marketing is about creating a need: you’re offering a solution to a problem. Something that will improve their lives. Your product is the answer to someone’s question and your message, and value proposition will address that.

Pick the right marketing channel: small businesses like Etsy shops can benefit from social media channels, especially Facebook and Twitter (and their advertising options). Share content that reflects your values and that your audience will find useful.

Choose the right channel for your audience: social media marketing is great, however, having the right channel can lead to a successful marketing strategy. If you’re doing a lot of craftsmanship or your work is highly visual make sure you’re choosing a channel like Instagram or Pinterest. Also, consider the audience: is your ideal customer a millennial? Choose Instagram over Twitter. Take into consideration that not all channels work the same, Facebook is gaining lots of power as a media business and small businesses and entrepreneurs can share more details on their pages.

Hiring help and partners

How to hire help and protect your brand: whether you’re hiring someone for a particular project related to your Etsy store, like photography. Or you’re ready to kickoff of a fresh new business partnership; you’re going to need the proper documentation to be completed beforehand, so all parties involved are protected. Rocket Lawyer provides a library of business startup documents that you can use today.

Completing the Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA): whether you’re getting crafty with glass-blowing or creating birdhouses from driftwood, it’s likely your process and approach to your craft are unique. If you’re working alongside a few others, we recommend having them complete Nondisclosure Agreements. This will keep your competitive advantage maintained so nobody can steal your “secret sauce.”

If you’re looking for more information to reference during the early stages of your small business start-up, check out Rocket Lawyer’s rules of entrepreneurship. Full speed ahead with starting your small business? Rocket Lawyer has all the documents you need for starting a business.

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