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How to manage your wedding vendors

On this tale of weddings and flowers, there’s no room for bridezillas. We tackled the pain points of planning a wedding in this little guide called: wedding vendors 101.

  1. Do your research

We can all run a google search and find millions of results for services but, references are a must have when you’re booking a vendor. Ask for client referrals and schedule appointments with the most sought-after vendors on your consideration list first. Meet face to face and put everything on the table.

Since many vendors work together, you could also ask others you’ve already booked if they’ve worked with this particular person before and if they would recommend them.

  1. Outline your goals

Ask yourself all the questions about the kind of wedding that you want, set a budget and be realistic. Establish your major likes and dislikes so you can book the right photographer and avoid ending up with awful photos. Some vendors allow you to book up to 2 years in advance and, tools like Pinterest can help you plan every detail. Also, do not obsess over the little things, planners always have a backup.  Also, sketch out a job description:

Sit down with your partner and decide the big stuff: What’s our budget? What look and feel are we going for? What are our top priorities? Write down your answers so you can refer to them throughout the process. Pro tip: to avoid burnout, meet with no more than three of each type of vendor you’re hiring.

  1. Budget everything

Money talks are complicated, but in reality, everything needs to be planned. As a couple, you should decide how much this wedding is going to cost you, that way you’ll be setting realistic expectations when you meet with your vendors. That also means you could be able to negotiate certain things or make concessions when necessary.

  1. Consider wedding insurance

Often, your venue will ask you to sign a waiver of liability, which states that they are not responsible if someone gets injured at your wedding. When you sign a Release of Liability, it’s a good idea to take out liability insurance on your own, and many venues require it. But we recommend taking an extra precaution and find wedding insurance. This type of insurance covers only those situations that are outside of your control, but some policies offer “change of heart” or cold feet cancellations too.

  1. Put agreements in writing

You need contracts, that’s a fact during all wedding planning tasks. It doesn’t matter that you’re hiring a friend or someone with tons of recommendations.  Make sure that you created a contract to protect yourself and the vendor you are going to hire.

The good news: Rocket Lawyer is here to help with your legal needs for your wedding. These wedding vendor contracts can help you stay protected and help you cover some essential items that are often overlooked: cancellation policies, number of guesses for your order. Also, details like the number of photos and flower colors are often cause of conflict. Avoid having a DJ playing zydeco music or getting red roses instead of pink peonies. Rocket Lawyer Document Defense can help you if something like that happens.

Finding the right people for your wedding can be hard, but we’re here to help. You go find your something blue and we’ll handle the legal.

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