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How to Make a Killer Rocket Lawyer Profile

The Rocket Lawyer Attorney Services Team contributed this article to provide you with some insider tips on how to make the most of your Rocket Lawyer profile.

At Rocket Lawyer, we get a lot of questions about lawyer profiles but they usually boil down to the One Big Question:

“What are prospective clients looking for?”

Since more and more people are now turning online to find a lawyer, your online profile is perhaps your best advertisement. You should keep things professional, showcase your expertise, and make sure your information is current and precise. But, what you really want to do is put yourself in your client’s shoes. If you were looking for a lawyer, what information would you want to see?

If you want to make the most effective Rocket Lawyer profile you can, all you need to do is follow along below.

Include Up-to-Date General Information:

Your General Information, like your name, address and contact information is fairly self explanatory, but it’s going to be at the top of your profile, so make sure it’s current. Note that you don’t have to include your email address but you do have to include your state bar number. If clients want to email you, they just click the blue “Contact me” button and we help them through the process.

Choose a Great Headshot:

Let’s face it: the first thing a prospective client’s going to see when they click your profile is your picture. So choose it wisely. All you need is a professional head shot, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money on it. Definitely do not use a picture where you are playing with your kids or cooking dinner. The profiles that get the most clicks are the ones that keep it simple and professional.

Add Your Blog:

If you write online, include your blog feed on your profile. An active blog on legal topics communicates to your clients that you are knowledgeable and up to date in your field. It also helps showcase your personality like like nothing else can. Remember you have to use an RSS Feed as the link. There’s a little “Learn How” button next to “Add your blog” if you have questions about how to add your blog. Clients will be able to click through to your blog site and, since it’s a feed, your recent blog entries display on your profile in real time.

Practice Areas, Services, and Billing:

When users are looking through Rocket Lawyer for attorneys, they’ll often find you through your practice area. If you’re primarily an Estate Planning attorney, don’t click on a bunch of other practice areas. Focus on your expertise. It’ll help you get the clients you want and the ones you can help the most.

As far as services, we’ve provided check boxes for the most common choices, but note that you can add your own. If it makes you stand out from the crowd, include it in this section. We’ve included a picture so you can see how these look.

Add relevant links to your profile:

If you have a LinkedIn account or anything else you want to showcase, put it here. They’ll show up as icons under your phone number on top. Check out our sample profile above if you’d like to see this in action.

“About Me,” “More About My Practice,” and “Additional Information”:

In this section, you’ll see three text boxes labelled “About Me,” “More About My Practice,” and “Additional Information.” They all show up in a row without those headers. So here’s a tip: use them as text boxes to get your point across. Describe your expertise, what kind of firm you work for, and any accomplishments you’re particularly proud of. They’ll show up in a row. To the right, you can see how it looks when you’re done. Keep in mind there’s a 500 character limit per section.

Account Preferences & “Who is your ideal client?” sections:

These won’t show up on your profile. They’ll just help us figure out what kind of client you’re looking for.


This breaks down into four areas: education, professional affiliations, experience, and awards & honors. They’ll show up in that order and you can choose to fill out as many or as few as you want. Our recommendation? Fill out all four, but reasonably. Your client probably doesn’t need to know where you went to high school or every club you’re a part of. Just include information that might be relevant to a potential client. Where’d you go to law school? Any particular legal affiliations you’re proud of? These show up next to your Professional Summary section.

Rocket Lawyer Programs:

Although this section does not appear on your profile, we use it to gauge your interest in programs we’re running. Filling this out helps us enact new programs and improve our existing services to you.


All in all, a complete profile will take you about thirty minutes and it will showcase and distill your experience and practice into an easy, readable, and, most importantly, useful tool for prospective clients. You can see a full profile below. And if you have any questions, just send us an email.



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