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How to Keep Your Law Firm’s Website Fresh

Creating a simple website for your practice is an important part of establishing your firm’s digital footprint. For people who discover your practice online, it’s your first chance at a good impression. With that said, you shouldn’t over think it though. Don’t make your website unnecessarily flashy. As I mentioned in my digital roadmap for new firms, your website only needs to have a few basic necessities and then should potentially incorporate a few additional pieces of information.

First, your firm should have basic information and profiles about you and any other attorneys who work with you. Second, your website should include all relevant contact information for your firm. In that regard, at a minimum your firm should have an email address that opposing counsel and potential clients can use to connect with you. Third, your website should list any specialties or practice areas that you practice in.

If your firm receives occasional press, you may also want to consider a section for that. The only addition content that I recommend is a space on your site for sharing blog posts and firm updates. Done right, blog posts are SEO-rich content that may help draw traffic, including potential clients, to your website.

Once you’ve launched your website, it’s important that you don’t just forget about it. You should update the website regularly. With that said, precisely how often you need to update will vary depending on the information you initially included on your site.

For example, if your firm’s website is stripped down and basic, you may only need to update it every year or two to make sure it looks fresh. If you include updates about your firm, then you should update it every month or two with new updates. If you don’t, it looks like your firm has grown stagnant. You want to present the image of a busy and bustling firm to your clients. Similarly, if you have a blog, you should update even more frequently. Especially if you’d like clients to get in the habit of checking for new content.

Most importantly, you should update your firm’s website any time your firm moves, your firm’s contact information changes, or your team’s composition changes because of new hires or turnover. At a minimum the information on your firm should always be up-to-date.

Remember, appearances are important. You wouldn’t show up to meet a possible new client in a tattered suit (or at least I’d hope you wouldn’t). Similarly, failing to update your website reflects poorly on your firm. If your contact information isn’t correct, you may lose out on potential business opportunities and potential clients who give up and contact another firm. Meanwhile, an up-to-date and clean looking website indicates a sharp and savvy firm that cares about its image.

If you haven’t updated your website recently, maybe now is the time.

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