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Highlights from Rocket Lawyer’s Trip to CES 2013, Day 2


Charley explains our Cloud Consults to Technorati

“My God, this is awesome.”

We’ve heard a lot of feedback about the Cloud Consults idea we’re showing off at CES 2013, but that quote from Alex Gold was our favorite. And you don’t even need to take my word for it! It’s right here in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

In case you can’t tell, we had a great Wednesday in Eureka Park. Businesses are really responding to the opportunity to consult with an attorney in the cloud. We were able to help three times as many folks yesterday as we did on our first day and we keep hearing that this idea just makes sense. It’s resonating and we’re thoroughly proud of that. We explained the project a little more fully on Monday, so please give that a read if you’re curious. And of course, if you’re near Eureka Park, we’d love it if you stopped by and gave Cloud Consults a spin for yourself.


LG’s 3D video wall, a.k.a. what we’re asking Santa for next year.

The thing we keep hearing is how this idea could make the law more accessible for businesses and families who might not have access to an attorney. As Alex Gold, the head of partnerships at Carrotmob and the man who called Cloud Consults “awesome” (we agree!), told the Vegas review journal, the law can be a little unfriendly to small startups. While bigger companies can have counsel on retainer, that just isn’t an option for businesses that are getting off the ground and the ability to get the sort of legal advice they need quickly and remotely could really solve a lot of problems. We had great chats with Intuit and with Technori’s Melissa Joy Kong as well. We’ll share them as soon as we can.

And of course, since we’re in Las Vegas and at CES, we had to see the sights! My personal favorite was LG’s smart TV room, where they gave us 3D glasses and let us walk around an entire wall of 3D videos. Charley enjoyed getting to play with this videogame that looked like it was made entirely of mist. It really looked like it was from Back to the Future 2 or something. Cool.

One thing we didn’t expect? That CES would turn into a car show. But it seemed that all the carmakers were focused on entertainment as opposed to safety and using technology for better performance of, well, the actual driving experience. Did anyone else at CES notice that? If you did, drop us a line!

We’ve got two more days here to help folks get consults with some fantastic attorneys, and I’m still excited from yesterday. If you find yourself in the Eureka Park neighborhood, definitely drop by booth 74207. We’ll be there!


We weren’t kidding about the car show part

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