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Got a quick legal question? We’ve teamed up with LawPivot!

At Rocket Lawyer, we love hearing from the individuals and businesses that depend on us. Every day, thousands of you give us the privilege of helping you put the law to work for your families and organizations. You’ve told us how much you like being able to regularly consult with an attorney and how useful it is for you to be able to ask a lawyer questions, anytime they arise.

So, do we ever have great news! After fielding thousands of legal questions and delivering thousands of answers, we’re making our “ask a lawyer” service even better by joining forces with LawPivot. Through a national network of more than 2000 attorneys, LawPivot provides people with concise, plain language answers to their legal questions — all at a fraction of the traditional cost of legal advice. If that’s not a slam-dunk fit with what we do at Rocket Lawyer, I don’t know what is!

It is my pleasure to announce that Rocket Lawyer has acquired and the entire LawPivot team has joined us on our mission to democratize legal services. We’re thrilled we can provide even more for free, like more free answers from licensed attorneys. We’ll also be able to make it more affordable than ever for you to get regular legal counsel for any situation.

I want to congratulate the team at LawPivot and welcome to Rocket Lawyer the dedicated lawyers who serve as the backbone of the LawPivot network. As always, thanks to everyone who uses Rocket Lawyer — keep telling us how we can better make the law work for you!


Charley Moore


  1. Jenny Greenhough says:

    Thanks for your comment Leroy. We understand how difficult it can be to find a law firm that fits your needs, and the Rocket Lawyer team is here to help. You can ask a question and get a written response, or talk to a lawyer live. Get started by submitting your request at

  2. Zachary Charpentier says:

    My ex girlfriend’s mother is pressing charges against me and she has many items that are mine. I used to live with them but after my girlfriend broke up with me and I moved out they refused to give me any of my winter clothing, my birth certificate, my high school diploma, and a lot more. I have already talked to the sheriff over the case and given my statement. He told me he would give them three days to bring my stuff in. That was almost three weeks ago. I have tried calling him and after calling for four days he finally returned my call. He didn’t tell me anything about the status of the case and told me he isn’t going to get my stuff until the DA looks at the case and makes a decision. I just want to know if they can legally hold my stuff and if there is anything I can do to get it back. Also why the sheriff is giving me no information about the case. My whole life is at a standstill while I wait for something to happen. I have been waiting for almost four weeks now.