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Google Analytics Expands to Provide Tools To Track Social Media Effectiveness

If you’ve been taking my advice there is a good chance you’ve started a legal blog to promote your law practice, engage with potential clients, and to expand your reputation as a lawyer. And if you do maintain a blog to promote your practice, you’re probably using social media tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to promote your blog posts. But, presuming you are using social media to promote your website or blog, you might wonder how you can measure the effectiveness of your social media outreach. Thankfully, Google Analytics has just made that easier.

In the Google Analytics April 2012 Monthly Product Update email, Google announced a host of new features including the ability to track you effectiveness of your social media campaign.

When you login to Google Analytics you can find the new information by following the “Traffic Sources” tab in the lefthand column. Under “Traffic Sources” you’ll find an expandable tab titled “Social.”

The “Sources” tab lists a breakdown summary from which social media sites you’ve received traffic. In other words, it provides you the exact number of visits you’ve received in the past month from sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. Below that, the “Pages” tab provides detailed information about which pages have benefitted the most from your social media outreach. Clicking on a page’s link will tell break down the specific source from which traffic to a specific page originated.

The tab for “Social Media Flow” provides you an attractive diagram that demonstrates the flow of traffic from various social media sources such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter to specific pages on your site. You can then follow the flow of traffic as they visit other pages on your site to discover what page they interacted with after visiting your home page.

This information can be extremely important in growing your site because you can learn which aspects of your social media strategy have been effective, which haven’t been effective, and which sources can be improved.

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How will the expanded Google Analytics change your social media strategy?

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