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Give Your Family the Gift of Rocket Lawyer for the Holidays


By now, you’ve probably nursed your turkey hangover to health, which is your annual cue to start your Christmas shopping. Woo! …or boo? Some love the prospect of hunting for the *perfect* gift, while others dread the very idea of stepping foot into a mall, only to circle around the parking structure, zigzagging for hours. . . . .

. . . . . Okay, there’s a pain-free way to handle all this Christmas business (and your business too!): Rocket Lawyer. Our newly enhanced Ask a Lawyer experience allows you and your loved ones to create customizable legal documents and submit any questions you may have to an attorney along the way. So go ahead: put down your keys and cancel that trip to the mall. Let’s take a look at a few more reasons why you should add Rocket Lawyer under your Christmas tree this year:

You can avoid the crowds! Do everything online.

Even seasoned holiday shoppers can attest to the reality of Mall-pocalypse especially when everyone is in the same state of mind: panic. But sometimes in-person shopping is almost necessary (masochists unite!) so you can Q&A the items and ensure that everything’s in tip-top shape. But what if you can skip the relentless lines and more important, all that pushing and shoving? Let’s save those nimble fingers for opening gifts instead. You can buy your loved ones the benefits of a Rocket Lawyer Complete Legal Plan. The best part? You can do it all online! But if you’re one of those folks who find the sound of a human voice soothing and reassuring, we have Rocket Lawyer Specialists to help you over the phone as well.

Give the gift of quality (and confidence!)—without the heavy price tag.

You can sign your loved ones up for a free seven-day trial. After their trial ends, their membership is only $39.95 a month. You can cancel at any time! We’ve carefully vetted all of our On Call® network of attorneys, and even our legal documents (thousands of them!) have been reviewed by legal experts so you never have to guess again. Not sure if you should choose a Will or a Trust for your business? No problem. We have your Estate Planning solutions and answers: here, there, and just about everywhere. With Rocket Lawyer, you can simply Ask a Lawyer your legal question so you’ll always be confident and be on our merry way.

Your loved ones will thank you now… and later.

It’s a gift that’ll keep on giving. Instead of throwing your hard-earned money on a sweater that will (at the very most) collect dust in the back of your sister’s closet, you can gift them something useful—and easy on your wallet. For instance, is your mother-in-law starting a new business? Great! We can help with choosing the correct business structure, the actual incorporation process, and other legal business needs! Did your brother get married recently? Well, perhaps it’s time for him to update his Estate Planning. These gifts are priceless: helping reduce stress in an otherwise scary or confusing legal situation.

Let’s think about all that hard work you put into your small biz this year. You and your business deserve a little reward: the gift of legal protection. Now, everyone can have a holly jolly Christmas—with no lines, crowds, or gift receipts (and let’s be honest: hurt feelings).

Best of all, with Rocket Lawyer, you, your loved ones, and your business will be legally protected for the new year… and hopefully many more years to come! Let’s make it a tradition.

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