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Get Legal Help, Anytime, Anywhere: Rocket Lawyer App Launches

Rocket Lawyer AppOur country was built by the people, and for the people. Unfortunately, our legal system has become out of reach for many people, due to complexity and high cost. We created Rocket Lawyer to help solve those problems. At Rocket Lawyer, we want the law to serve the you, not the other way around. We also believe that technology can makes it simpler and more affordable to get the legal help you need.

Since we’re all carrying around enough computing power in our pockets to put a person on the moon, how about we use those smart phones for legal services too? Yeah, we thought you’d like that idea. So, now you can get simple and affordable legal help, whenever and wherever you need it, with our new mobile app. With the app, you can use Rocket Lawyer On Call® to ask lawyers written questions, draft legal documents, or talk to a local attorney.

We hope the new app makes it easier to get the legal help you need, for the way you live your life today.

With Rocket Lawyer On Call you can:

Get Your Legal Questions Answered:

  • Ask your legal question
  • Get a private answer from a lawyer within one business day – no matter how complex your issue is
  • Ask follow up questions if needed

Create and eSign Non-Disclosure Agreements:

  • Create an NDA in minutes from your phone or tablet
  • Hand your device to the person who needs to sign it, or email it to them
  • The NDA can be signed in real time to create a legally binding agreement

Talk to a Lawyer:

  • Describe your legal issue, and the app finds you a lawyer in your area who can help
  • Call to request a lawyer on the spot with one button
  • Rocket Lawyer members receive free consultations and pre-negotiated rates

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