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Get Answers From Real Lawyers, Right Now


Rocket Lawyer On Call® has thousands of lawyers, like Deepa Menon, ready to answer your legal questions.

You wanted it. And we listened. We’ve heard that you want to consult with a lawyer for any question, any time. That’s why last month, Rocket Lawyer joined forces with LawPivot to make it easier to ask a lawyer quick questions and get solid legal advice for your small business or family. As co-founder of the original LawPivot team, and now Senior Director at Rocket Lawyer, I am excited to unveil this new Rocket Lawyer experience.

Starting today, Rocket Lawyer On Call® members can ask their legal questions and receive an answer from a lawyer within one business day. Powered by the LawPivot Q/A service, members get the simple, plain language answers they need from our network of more than 2,000 lawyers across the United States.

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How it works:

If you are a Rocket Lawyer On Call® member, you can now “Ask a Lawyer” your legal questions from your My Account page and receive a response within one business day, all as part of your membership.

It’s simple:

  1. You type in your legal question.
  2. Get an answer from a lawyer in your state within one business day.

Try it now by going to:




If you are not a Rocket Lawyer On Call® member, become a member today.

Now you don’t have to wait for the answers you need. Ask your question today, and get back to what’s important to you–running your business and taking care of your family. Tell us what you think about this new service and how we can make the law easier for you.

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  1. Greg Maceau says:

    I like this. I’m thinking of incorporating this into my practice. Thank you.