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New law allows free credit freezes: Protect your credit now

It’s good to hear the announcement of a new law that will make credit freezes free, starting around September this year. The fees to freeze and unfreeze your credit could easily add up, so this is a welcome move.

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Back in April, my car window was smashed and my laptop holding personal data was stolen. I was shocked. On top of the stress of dealing with the break-in, I instantly became a victim of identity theft. Within 72 hours, I started to receive fraud alerts from TrustedID, an identity protection service. I was shaken to learn that someone had attempted to open a PayPal credit account and a personal loan through an unknown online bank, but failed due to lack of information.

Already a victim of the Equifax data breach in 2017, I was very lucky to have enrolled in their one-year free credit monitoring service. Without those fraud alerts, I wouldn’t have been able to contact the banks to have them reject the fraudulent applications and protect myself from other attempts being made. Ironically, I had just interviewed for a job with Rocket Lawyer and immediately used our platform to follow up with the necessary documents and submissions to freeze my credit, make a notarized Identity Theft Affidavit, and file a complaint with the Fair Trade Commission for safety.

Tackling identity theft was confusing and time-consuming, and it can become expensive when not addressed quickly.

Be smart and make sure that you have the right protection activated. For more details, learn how to protect your credit and be safe, not sorry!

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