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Five Tips To Maximize The Value of Your Facebook Page

Sam Glover at The Lawyerist recently explained why he thought you should delete your Facebook Page for your firm. He argues that most people never visits Facebook pages and that most sites go unused. I can’t say if this is true for law firm Facebook Pages or not. If nothing else, I can say it’s certainly not true as it applies to other Facebook pages. My suspicion is that the usefulness of each law firm’s Facebook page will vary depending on the practice areas that the firm in question engages in.

First, a confession. I haven’t yet created one for my new firm. However, I do have a Facebook Page for my personal blog. Indeed, Facebook is often a significant resource for traffic to our site. Sure, the topics we cover on my other site, food and music, are more interesting to the average person than most legal issues. Still, your page is only as exciting as you make it. Personally, I’d suggest reconsidering Mr. Glover’s advice – at least until you’ve given your Facebook page a true shot at life. In my experience, it can be worth the effort. So, how do you make the most of your Facebook page? Read on.

1. Initiate conversation with your fans.
This is your party, so it’s your responsibility to initiate conversation. In this case, one of the best strategies to keep people talking is by asking your fans a question. Think about questions that will illicit interesting responses. Obviously, interesting questions are more likely to initiate interesting answers. An interesting answer from one fan might encourage another reader to leave an interesting answer. There are a countless variety of questions you can ask which will vary depending on the nature of your practice. For example, if you are involved in estate planning you might ask your readers a question like whether they think getting their will prepared is scary or comforting. If your first attempt doesn’t work, try again with a new type of question. Be creative.

2. Provide information on your Facebook page.

Update your Facebook page daily with information and status updates. These can range from messages like “I’m off to the Superior Court to battle for justice! Wish me luck!” or, better yet, links to recent posts on your law blog. Be sure to switch it up and pay attention to what people react to.

3. Respond to your Fans when they interact with your page.

If a fan responds to one of your posts or asks you a question, be sure to respond to them as soon as possible. The more thoughtful your reply the better. Nonetheless, a short response is better than no response, so be sure to at least thank them for leaving a comment.

4. Post videos, pictures and links.

Post pictures, videos and links to other interesting websites and blogs. It’s important to keep things interesting. These can be pictures or videos of you, your firm or any other relevant person or place. Again, it pays to be creative.

If after you’ve given it a serious chance you still are unable to find value in your Facebook page, then, and only then, should you consider deleting your page. Otherwise, you don’t know what opportunities you could be missing out on.

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