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Five Great Free Android Apps for Attorneys

We’ve previously featured several posts about great apps for iPad / iPhone. However, if (like me) you use an Android operated mobile device, you’ll likely discover that many of those featured apps are not available in the Google Play store. Thankfully, there are many great apps available for Droid users as well. In addition to some of the great native apps like Google Maps and Gmail, here are five of my favorite apps for Droid:

1) DroidLaw

DroidLaw is a legal research platform available for Droid. It includes free full copies of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Federal Rules of Evidence, Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, and a bookmark to Google Scholar. You can also download updates including free copies of the Constitution, a Legal Dictionary, and different titles from the Code of Federal Regulations. Most states codes and regulations are available as well, but at a cost of $2.99 – $9.99 per code section.

2) Evernote

Although many good iPad and iPhone apps are unavailable to Droid users, thankfully Evernote is (which happens to my favorite). Check out my prior post which explains how you can use Evernote as an all in one file management system. I use Evernote for nearly everything. If you are unfamiliar with the app, Evernote allows you to store your case files in the cloud and easily search those files from any location. Evernote also allows you to create and format documents (the draft for this post was written in Evernote for example). Evernote allows you record dictated messages. Best of all, the app and the basic account are free. I honestly believe this is the best app you’ll download for your Droid. Paired with the Penultimate app ($0.99) you can even take handwritten notes on your iPad and save them to Evernote–effectively replacing your yellow legal pad.

3) Adobe Reader

PDFs are inescapable for those of us in the legal industry. After all, all documents filed in federal court are in PDF format, many deposition transcripts are in PDF format, and most discovery productions are provided in the format as well. As a result, you’ll want a smooth and easy way to view your PDFs on your Droid. Adobe Reader allows you to view, mark up, highlight, strikethrough and underline PDFs on your Droid device. You can also use the app to fill out and complete PDF forms and send PDFs to others for electronic signing.

4) Harvest Time Tracker

This free app for Droid devices allows lawyers to track their time on projects and log expenses both on and offline. The device uses a nice looking flip-clock timer to let you keep track of the billable time spent on a project. It also makes keeping track of receipts easy. Simply take a picture of your receipts to add them to Harvest Time Tracker.

5) LinkedIn

If you’re a networker, you’re probably already addicted to LinkedIn. The free LinkedIn App allows you to stay in touch with your connections and groups anywhere in the world.

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