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Fastcase Announces Free Advances Sheets

It was only a few weeks ago when Fastcase announced that they’d finally brought their free legal research app to Android. The app, which had been previously only available on iPad and iPhone, allows attorneys to perform free legal research through Fastcase’s state and federal law library. It’s a great tool for lawyers interested in cutting their legal research costs.

Similarly, advance sheets have been historically the preliminary form of publication for federal and state court decisions. Publishers would send subscribers weekly slip sheets containing each covered court’s most recent decisions. As with any other legal research tool, subscriptions to advance sheets historically have not been cheap.

Well, Fastcase recently announced a new tool for disrupting that sector of the legal publishing industry as well. Fastcase Advance Sheets are a series of eBooks the company will be releasing for free on iPad, Kindle, Android, and Nook devices under a Creative Commons license. It appears that this is just the start for the company which has also mentioned that this is the first of five ebook products they plan to unveil this year.

Fastcase released 40 volumes in its first week, with over 300 more by the end of their first month, including advance sheets for each state, federal circuit, and U.S. Supreme Court. Each volume begins with summaries of the opinions included. The opinions are fully searchable with highlights, annotations, bookmarks, etc. Fastcase further noted that they will introduce a series of paid eBooks later in the year highlighting particular subject areas.

Check them out and let us know what you think:

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