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Eureka! Get a Free Rocket Lawyer Consult at CES 2013

Drop by our booth to schedule your free Rocket Lawyer consult with our new web app.

Drop by our CES booth to schedule your free Rocket Lawyer consult with our new web app.

Every great business starts with a “Eureka!” idea. At Eureka Park, a specialized TechZone at CES in Las Vegas (January 8-11 2013), we’re excited to help the entrepreneurs behind some exciting startups build on the right legal foundation. And although we love a great idea, we also know that it takes a lot more than that to run a business. That’s why we’ll be there to make it affordable and simple to get the right legal advice so you can turn that initial seed of an idea into a successful business.

Introducing Cloud Consults™

As the biggest consumer electronics show, CES is the perfect place to unveil our latest big idea to help budding entrepreneurs: Cloud Consults™. Just drop by our booth to set up a free 15-minute Cloud Consult with an attorney in the Rocket Lawyer On Call® program. Using our new mobile web app, you can schedule an appointment right at our booth (#74207, on the third floor of the Venetian Hotel). From there you’ll get an appointment to meet with one of our attorneys via video conference at one of our three mobile locations around the show. We’ll be giving away over 100 hours of free consultations to CES attendees!

Don’t Miss The Startup America Panel Discussion

To catch more of Rocket Lawyer while you’re at CES, come join our Startup America panel discussion, “Founders Helping Startups”. Rocket Lawyer Founder and Executive Chairman, Charley Moore (@charlemooreesq), will speak in an open Q&A about what it takes to build and run a successful business. He’ll be joined by other top names in tech, including Slava Rubin, Founder of IndieGoGo and Scott Case, CEO of Startup America. The panel takes place on Thursday January 10th at 1pm at Eureka Park.

Swing by to get your free cloud consult and make the law work for you.

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