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End of Summer Sweepstakes Winner Announced

A shiny new iPad2 will be on its way to Brenda Masalta, in Dallas, Texas.  Thanks to everyone who entered!

We’re excited to announce the winner of this year’s End of Summer Sweepstakes. A big congratulations to Brenda Masalta, a business attorney from Dallas, Texas who will receive a new iPad2!

We really appreciate everyone’s participation in the survey. Your responses definitely help us understand attorneys’ beliefs about how technology can help the legal industry and the role do-it-yourself resources can play in the attorney-client relationship.

As expected, we saw strong agreement among attorneys that fees for basic legal services should be transparent and predictable.  Over 90% of attorneys in fact believe that getting high quality and affordable legal services should not be intimidating or complicated. We believe that too!

In line with our commitment to accessible legal services, we’d also like to let you know that Rocket Lawyer On Call™, a free marketing resource for lawyers, is currently accepting applications. There is no cost to apply and participation is free.

Learn more about the program and how to apply.

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