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Developing Your Niche Market Slowly But Surely

We recently discussed how you can develop your own niche market for your practice. Developing a niche market can be overwhelming, especially if you are practicing a new area of law.

Now that you have determined and assessed your niche market, here are some tips to help you determine how do you can go about offering your legal services to potential clients.

Align yourself with the right individuals.

These are called Centers of Influence. These are people who you will want to build long term relationships with. First, think about who can help you grow your business. In other words, who can help you get to the end goal of gaining clients in you new found niche? Now either you have some of these individuals in your contacts or you don’t. Either way you have to identify where your potential clients go for advice, services, or just to hang out. These places or individuals are your Centers of Influence and you need to get acquainted or reacquainted with them. Your goal is to share the news about the legal services you are offering and the types of clients you’d like to help.

Speak up and share with others.

Every opportunity you have should be taken advantage of to let people know who you are looking to work with. This is part of networking. Don’t be shy. Here’s a line I often use: “Do you mind if I share with you the type of people I work with in case you know of someone, or come across someone, I could be a resource to?” It is a polite way to talk about yourself, your legal services, and how you can be of help.

Study what is happening in the law related to your niche.

If this is a fairly new area to your legal practice, take CLE courses, attend workshops, and read everything you can get your hands on (my favorite). Of course, a good Google search will lead you to plenty of blogs (blawgs), journals, and magazines. If there are associations related to the niche area visit their websites, and, if possible, go to some meetings. Again, don’t be shy. Share the latest news on the law, trends, and updates with others. Your new found knowledge is a good conversation starter and a definite confidence boost.

Get to know the lingo.

Knowing the terminology or the language of the people with whom you would like to work is paramount. Through your studies of your niche market it should come naturally to start to speak about the areas of law you now want to become known. At first, it might feel like you are learning a foreign language, but is necessary if you are providing services in the niche area. Besides it provides some creditability and ability to communicate your message to your Center of Influence and others.

Prepare presentations to share with your niche market.

One must be prepared to educate the masses or at least the people you want to work with. Even with all of our technology, people are still looking for trusted advisors to help navigated through the sea of search engines and the overload of information coming their way. That’s where you come in. Catering to a particular area of the law helps mold presentations and directly affects the clients.

Developing a niche market takes work. The recommendations above have nothing to do with technology and everything to do with you. People have to know about your practice, and who better to share the information than you? Call up those Centers of Influence, read the trade journals, and share information with your niche market to start building a framework that will help you grow and develop your niche slowly but surely.

About the Author

Tenicia Vanzant practices law from her virtual law office in her home state of Michigan.  She focuses on helping small businesses with an emerging interest in alternative energy law.  Tenicia strives to be efficient in all areas of her life and that includes the business of the law.  She uses social media, software and online law firm management to run her online law office. Her motto is “there’s always room for improvement”. She can be reached at

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