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Designing your career path

A designer may be fresh out of school, working their way up the corporate ladder or recognized as a thought leader. No matter where you are in your design career, we challenge San Francisco’s community of designers to ask themselves, “what’s next?” In the design industry, there isn’t just one clear path – there are many.

As part of San Francisco Design Week this year we’re hosting a panel with our design experts at Rocket Lawyer and a few of our friends. It will be focusing on design career paths, making transitions and pivoting into different roles and mentorship opportunities. We’ll also be exploring what skills are needed to stay relevant in a competitive and rapidly changing design landscape.

Meet our panelists:

Himani Amoli
Design Manager for Instacart

Himani is currently working to improve the Shopper experience for Instacart’s vast global shopper network. She previously co-founded Wedding Party which was acquired by Instacart and designed the first version of Aaptiv, a popular fitness app.

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Anita Cheng
Content Strategist & UX Designer for San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Housing & Community Development

Anita is a former cancer researcher who went into tech to help people faster. After discovering a love of information architecture, she cobbled together a design education and started freelancing. Along the way, she picked up front-end skills with can-do resourcefulness. She fell into city government full-time and now works at the City of San Francisco’s affordable housing department. She aims to make it easy for residents to access and make sense of the City’s affordable housing programs.

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Julie Meridian
Design Consultant for Make It Legit

Since 2014, Julie has been practicing a happy balance between designing user experiences and creating fine art and illustration. Prior to that she was at LinkedIn focused on growth, groups, and recruiter products. She started her career at Adobe where she was the lead designer for multiple versions of Photoshop and Illustrator and contributed to core features across the Creative Suite.

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Rakesh Patwari
UX designer staff for Juniper Networks

Rakesh graduated in computer science with exceptional grades but found solace in design which satiated his constant curiosity to create. He was fortunate to work with product companies, start-ups and consulting organizations across diverse and challenging technical problem spaces and built flagship products. This unique combination of experiences enables him to wear different hats and add value at strategic and tactical levels.

sfdw quote rakesh patwair

Here are the details:

Date: Monday, June 11th

Time: 5:30-8:30PM

Location: Rocket Lawyer HQ (101 Second Street, Fourth Floor, San Francisco)

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