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12 Inspirational Quotes from Black Lawyers Who Made History

The annual celebration and recognition of the accomplishments of African Americans that is Black History Month started as a week-long celebration in the United States in 1926. Created by historian, […]


Raising Your Profile as a Black-Owned Business During the Pandemic

The pandemic has caused financial upheaval for businesses across the country. From trying to find new customers to adjusting how to do business while keeping people safe, these issues have […]


Filing an Insurance Claim After a Disaster

Insurance is something you buy but hope you’ll never have to use. So unless you’ve gone through it before–and we hope you haven’t–you might not be fully aware of how […]


What Are the Most Common Home Remodeling Disputes?

Disputes during construction and remodeling projects are common, from general breaches of contract to disputes over boundary lines and the quality of the work performed. Most home remodeling disputes can […]

Rocket Lawyer Transfer Rental Property to LLC

How to Transfer Rental Property to an LLC

If you’re a landlord, it means you’re also a small business owner and may benefit from establishing your operation as such. More to the point, you should really consider the […]


What Happens When Your Tenant Files for Bankruptcy?

A tenant declaring bankruptcy is never good news for a landlord. Even if you’ve been collecting full rent so far, it means your tenant is having serious financial difficulty that […]


Use a Credit Freeze to Stop Identity Thieves in Their Tracks

COVID-19 has led to a marked increase in online transactions, triggering a huge spike in cases of identity theft. There are many steps you can take to reduce the odds […]


COVID Relief for Minority-Owned Businesses

COVID-19 has hit many small businesses very hard, very quickly. Many were unprepared for the consequences of a sudden economic downturn and loss of revenue. Still, the devastating economic fallout […]


What is the Outlook for Commercial Leases in 2021?

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on the livelihood of residential and commercial landlords, as social distancing guidelines and stay-at-home orders have shuttered dining rooms, shopping centers, and […]


How Will COVID-19 Stimulus Checks Impact Your Taxes?

Americans should have received two rounds of stimulus payments in 2020 if they met certain income restrictions. The first round included a payment of up to $1,200 per adult plus […]


COVID-19 Tax Relief for Landlords

American entrepreneurs and small business owners often take pride in their rugged independence, but the reality is that we’re all interconnected to some degree. The COVID-19 crisis has amplified this […]


Love Amour Propre: Tahera’s COVID Small Business Success Story

You might recognize Tahera Christy from Rocket Lawyer’s newest commercial. Not only is Tahera a published author, comedian and actress, she’s also an entrepreneur who started a second business last […]


Will Collecting Unemployment During the Pandemic Impact My Taxes?

Many Americans found themselves facing unemployment or a significant reduction in work hours in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Unemployment benefits, including the increased benefits provided by […]


Is There Help for Landlords in December’s COVID Relief Bill?

The COVID relief bill signed into law on December 27, 2020 extended many of the provisions included in the original Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act passed earlier […]


What You Need to Know About Identity Theft During Tax Season

Unfortunately, identity theft can occur at any time, causing all sorts of problems for its victims. Identity theft can be particularly frustrating when it occurs during tax season – especially […]


Are Taxes Still Owed When a Small Business Files for Bankruptcy?

Most entrepreneurs go into business with the intention of building a strong and successful enterprise. Not all businesses, however, will make it even through the first year. According to the […]


What are the Tax Consequences of Closing a Small Business?

Running a small business can be rewarding, but many entrepreneurs reach a point when they decide it is time to close up shop. Whether it is tied to a planned […]


The Capital Gains Tax Consequences of a GameStop Windfall

You may have heard the news about how a critical mass of investors drove GameStop’s stock value to unimaginable heights, to the chagrin of wealthier investors who were betting on […]


3 Legal Documents to Support Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

An inclusive workplace is one that supports diversity and a cooperative, collaborative environment that is fair for all workers. An inclusive business culture creates a sense of belonging for everyone, […]

How Will PPP Loans Affect Your Small Business Taxes?

Small businesses in many industries have been adversely affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans created under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act […]


Update Your Will, Trust, and Power of Attorney When You Move

Every state has slightly different laws governing legal documents, including Wills, Trusts, and other estate planning tools. The requirements for a legally valid document are sometimes so different in different […]


Small Business Loan Opportunities for Black-Owned Businesses

Data from the U.S. Federal Reserve, made available in the 2017 Report to Congress on the Availability of Credit to Small Businesses, shows that African American entrepreneurs and Black-owned businesses […]