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What Is a Furlough and What Does It Mean for Employees?

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping the United States, numerous local and state governments have ordered the closure of non-essential businesses. That, in turn, has forced employers to […]


Plans for COVID Small Business Relief in the Biden Administration

Small businesses continue to struggle in the closing days of 2020 as COVID-19 infections increase across the U.S. Since we are experiencing a presidential transition at the same time that […]


5 Ways to Protect Your Personal Data in 2021

The security of personal data in the hands of private companies has been a hotly debated topic in recent years. Many states have enacted data privacy laws that protect their […]


Stuck in Paradise: Emily and Fabian’s COVID Wedding Story

When Emily moved to Brazil in 2016, she didn’t expect to meet her future husband and to stay in Brazil indefinitely. But that’s exactly what happened.  Emily, an English teacher […]


5 Legal Documents You’ll Need to End a Residential Lease

Leases are temporary arrangements by their nature. Even though both parties are expecting the lease to end at some point, it’s important to protect everyone’s rights by doing it properly. […]


Making an Anti-Discrimination Policy for Your Business

Maintaining a workplace that’s free from discrimination not only ensures a more diverse, harmonious, and productive workplace, it’s also the law. It’s your responsibility as an employer to clearly inform […]


Will You Owe Gift Taxes if You Are Giving or Receiving a Large Gift?

Giving gifts to family, friends, or beloved organizations or institutions are common at the end of the year. Acts of kindness and generosity are almost always appreciated. However, for those […]


Can Work from Home Employees Write Off Home Office Space?

The closing of countless offices due to the pandemic earlier this year left employers with little choice but to adapt to an already growing trend toward remote work arrangements. After […]


Naming a Legal Guardian for Your Special Needs Child in Your Will

Parents of special needs children face unique challenges every day. From helping their children participate in mainstream activities to advocating for appropriate modifications to their educational setting, special needs parents […]


Small Business Tax Alert: Issue W-2s and 1099s Before the Deadline

Small business owners who pay employees or independent contractors need to be aware of annual IRS reporting and filing deadlines that occur early in the calendar year. Businesses must issue […]


Top 6 Tips to Prevent and Report Mail Theft During the Holidays

Gone are the days when personal communications regularly came in the form of hand-written letters, but we still rely on the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) for the delivery of medications, […]


When Child Support Payments Fall Short During the Holidays

After a divorce, one parent is often asked to pay support to the parent who has primary custody of their child, unless both parents share physical and legal custody. This […]


Make Your Business Plan Now and Launch Your Company in the New Year

It’s not unusual for people with keen business insight and an entrepreneurial spirit to kick around ideas for years. You may have a way to revolutionize an industry or produce […]


Strategies for Finding New Tenants During the Holiday Season

The winter months have always been cold for landlords. People generally don’t want to deal with moving during the busy holiday season, and moving can be practically impossible in areas […]


Identity Theft and Online Shopping During the Holidays

With online shopping becoming increasingly popular, especially during the 2020 holiday season, identity theft is becoming more and more of a problem. People who shop online are leaving their personal […]


Jumpstart Your Business in the New Year with an LLC

Limited liability companies (LLCs) offer a wide variety of benefits for business owners. They provide a lot of the benefits of having a corporation, without all of the paperwork and […]


Bankruptcy Relief for Small Businesses Hurt by COVID-19

Many small businesses are struggling with unsustainable debt and a staggering drop in revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although government loan programs have helped to ease the burden, it’s […]


The Education Rights of Children with Special Needs

Children who have disabilities may find that the demands of the school environment are difficult. Parents who are advocating for their children need to understand the legal rights individuals with […]


Civil Disobedience and the Legacy of Rosa Parks

One day in 1943, an African American seamstress in Montgomery, Alabama was stopped from boarding a bus and told she needed to use the back door instead. She tried to […]