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workplace travel expenses

Can employees deduct work-related travel expenses?

Allowable deductible work-related travel expenses have been eliminated or decreased for most tax filers and will take effect starting in the 2018 tax year.

identity theft

7 signs of identity theft

We have put together a list of seven common indicators an identity thief has compromised your personal information.

identity theft

Why should you care if a hacker gets your SSN?

Learn how hackers can use your personal information and how to protect your identity if you find yourself in a situation where your SSN is stolen.

legal foundation for your business

Documents 18-Year-Olds Should Sign By Labor Day

Jenn Walsh is a Rocket Lawyer Legal Benefits member who recently shared a story on about her experience with Rocket Lawyer.

debt collection

How long does it take to repair a credit score?

The amount of time it takes to repair your credit depends on what happened to it. We are discussing a few reasons for poor credit and how to repair it.