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data breach attorney

Know Your Rights after a Data Breach: An Attorney’s Perspective

With the recent data breach, we got an attorney’s perspective on knowing your rights for safeguarding your credit and protecting your identity.

Rocket Lawyer news

Getting Legal Help After a Hurricane or Natural Disaster

In the aftermath of the natural disasters that have occurred recently, we created a guide to help with questions to ask and documents that may be needed.

sfdw at rocket lawyer

Sharing design environment secrets at Rocket Lawyer’s SFDW Panel

We hosted a panel during SFDW and swapped secrets with influential design leaders and experts on how to build a healthy design environment.

what landlords need to know about subletting

What landlords need to know about subletting

Kasia from Rentalutions shared the basics that every landlord must know before subletting a property, learn the essentials to rent and sublet during our Landlord Month at Rocket Lawyer.

labor day facts

9 fun facts about Labor Day you might not know

Labor Day is the first Monday in Septemeber. It is celebrated with family, friends, and bbq’s but what are we celebrating? Learn more about Labor Day.