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studying abroad

Studying aboard: What are the requirements?

Although the requirements can differ between organizations and countries when it comes to studying abroad, we discuss the standard ones needed to travel.

missed your cruise

What happens if you miss your cruise?

You missed your cruise, what can you do now? We talked about the different scenarios when your ship leaves the port without you, what can you do and who’s responsible for the expenses.

airline rights

Flying rights, what are the airlines responsible for?

With the airlines being the news lately, you should know your rights when it comes to flying. Such as cancellations, lost baggage, and overbooked flights.

short term rentals

A guide for vacation rentals

Thinking about renting that extra room at your house during the summer? We discussed short term rental and added some tips to make it a good experience for you and your guests.

driving in a foreign country

Traveling tips: Driving in a foreign country

If you’re planning on driving in a foreign country as part of your travel plans, check out our tips on international driving laws, border crossing & more!

traveling without kids

Kids free vacation: legal checklist

Planning your next solo vacation? If you’re traveling without kids there are a few things you should do before your trip, we talked about your legal needs.

travel insurance

Traveling abroad: do you need travel insurance?

Summer is here and traveling season has just begun, while you’re planning and researching your next adventure, ask yourself if you need travel insurance.

travel ban summer

Travel: how the new travel ban affects your summer plans

People plan their travel during summer time, we talked about how the executive order or travel ban will affect you and travelers coming to the U.S.