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parental leave options

Parental leave- What are your options?

You’re ready to become a parent but, what happens with at work? How do you handle your parental leave. This guide will help you find some answers regarding your rights as a parent.

what to do if your child is bullied

What to do if your kid is bullied

Bullying in schools and online is illegal, here are some Bullying Tips for Parents. Learn your rights as a parent with Rocket Lawyer’s legal guide.

rocket lawyer reads shoe dog

Rocket Lawyer reads: Shoe Dog

Today on Rocket Lawyer reads Shoe Dog: A memoir about Phil Knight and how he started Nike. An insightful and personal journey to entrepreneurship.

twitter qa family law

Twitter chat: Family Law questions with Amanda

We hosted a Legal QA on Twitter with Amanda Gordon, Esq. She answered some family law questions. Divorce, child custody, and adoption. Read her answers!

rocket lawyer at sfdw

Build a Design Environment You Love

Rocket Lawyer at SFDW: as part of San Francisco Design Week, we’re hosting a panel to teach you how to empower your designers with educational opportunities. Join us at our office, on June 19th.

small business week

Happy Small Business Week!

This is Small Business Week and we want to share a few resources for business owners that the Small Business Association is offering this week and how Rocket Lawyer can help you get started with your company.

law day

Happy Law Day!

We’re celebrating Law Day today focusing on the 14th Amendment and our mission to make the law accessible and affordable to everyone.