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the year i

The Year I…

2017 is the year I will start my business or get married, you set up your goals. This is your year, and we want to help you achieve those goals.

marriage tax break

Love and taxes: Does a marriage tax break exist?

Is being married a good or bad thing when it comes to paying taxes? Avoid marriage tax penalty and learn about the benefits of filing taxes as a married couple.

presidents day

13 inspiring quotes in honor of President’s Day

In honor of President’s Day we have put together thirteen inspiring quotes from presidents throughout the history of the United States.

destination wedding

Making sure your destination wedding is legal

Marriage laws can vary by location so we have provided some things to consider to make sure that your destination wedding is legal when you return home.

love laws

Love rules: 8 laws that could affect your love life

Our country is known as the Land of the Free, but there are a few laws that make little sense. Most of them are old enough to be forgotten, but […]

nevertheless, she persisted

Nevertheless, she persisted: A history of women in the Senate

Based on this week’s events surrounding Elizabeth Warren and “nevertheless, she persisted”, we did some research about women in the Senate and their history

reasons to consider a prenup

Before the wedding comes the prenup

You’re getting married, congrats! Now it’s a good time to talk about a prenuptial agreement, check out our reasons to consider a prenup by Amanda Gordon, Esq.

how to pay taxes as a freelancer

How to pay taxes as a freelancer

Are you living the freelance life? Are you an Etsy seller, a word wizard or a wedding photographer? Most of us envy the freelancer’s life: no clock or commute and […]