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rocket lawyer reads

Rocket Lawyer Reads: Technology vs. Humanity

Technology vs. Humanity by Gerd Leonhard is a must read for those curious about how technology can affect the future of humanity.

first amendment

5 facts about the First Amendment that you need to know

Fundamental rights like the freedom of religion or protest are making headlines; we studied the First Amendment and found these five interesting facts.

img protest

Be prepared for your protest

Have you heard about or do you plan to attend the Women’s March in Washington, or a sister march in one of hundreds of cities nationwide? If you plan to […]

how to start a photography business

Learn how to start a photography business

Have you considered photography as a career? Whether you want to run a photography studio or work weddings, here’s how to start a photography business.


You know MLK Jr., but do you know these 10 facts?

MLK Jr. was a minister and social activist who played a major role in the civil rights movement. We have 10 lesser known facts to celebrate his birthday.

managing practice

Running a 21st Century Legal Plan Practice

Good practice management means less administrative time/cost and increased client satisfaction. We provide tips to get you there.

img breene customer

Customer stories: Meet Chris

We interviewed Chris Breene a small business owner. Chris Breene shares his struggle with illness and what inspired him to start GFTB.

img tax season

Taxes 101: wrapping up 2016.

Our Taxes 101 guide will help you understand the basics around taxes and filing. Our tips will help you get ready for the tax season as easy as possible.

how to incorporate your business

How to incorporate your small business

January is here and our favorite resolution is to help you start your business this guide on how to incorporate your business will help you get started.